This special program is dedicated to inspire young talents of all ages, develop their skills of playing, stimulate their passion in piano, share their love of music and fulfil their true ability in music, in a creative, fun and dedicated atmosphere.

MASTERCLASS learn from renowned professors and concert pianists
PRIVATE TUTORING polish pieces of your own choice
AURAL & THEORY get your aural and theory skills up to scratch
SIGHT-READING enhance your sight-reading skills
PIANO FOUR HANDS learn to play piano 4 hands or 8 hands
CHAMBER MUSIC engage with other musicians and learn to communicate through music
LECTURES gain knowledge shared by experienced professionals
RECITAL deal with nerves and learn to practice effectively
CONCERT participate in a public concert alongside renowned artist

Dr Geoffrey Govier Concert Pianist, Royal College of Music
Cyrill Ibrahim Concert Pianist
Dr Konstantin Lapshin Concert Pianist, Royal College of Music
Dr George Zacharias Concert Violinist, Royal Academy of Music
Irina Walters The Purcell School
Enhui Xu Founder of Enhui Music
Fee Blumenthaler Pianist
Sergei Istrati Jazz Pianist & Composer

Filip Cwizewicz Violinist
Dayana Harizanova Cellist


There are 3 courses for young pianists of different levels. Each student will have a tailored schedule for each day, including daily private lesson and practice, to make sure they will benefit from all parts of the course. Whether you are an advanced pianist taking exams and auditions, or a young piano learner participating in a specialised music course, you will enjoy a convivial musical environment and get support and tuition at the highest level.

Places: only 30 Places in total
Time: 9am - 5pm from 29 October 2019 to 1 November 2019

Fee: £590 (The fee covers 4 full days of lessons including masterclass, private tutoring, theory, aural, sight-reading, piano 4 hands, chamber music and lectures, lunchtime recitals and the final concert.)


LOWER COURSE is for piano pupils up to grade 4. It aims to help them improve the piano basics, by finding an individually designed way to gain confidence in piano playing.

MAIN COURSE aims for piano pupils who are working on grade 5 and 6. They will receive great opportunities to explore piano repertoires and get helps in exam preparation and performing to accelerate the learning process.

ADVANCED COURSE fits piano pupils who are currently grade 7 or above. They will be submerged in the highest level of music education and will refine their piano skills to professional performance standard.


There are many music and piano courses out there, but we feel that an comprehensive course, in which all aspects of music making are addressed is hard to come by. We have therefore build a course in which pupils from all levels are able to develop the range of skills that are needed to become a well-rounded musician. Whether the pupils is preparing for an exam or wants to gain more practical experience in playing, the environment is supportive and relaxed to do so. It is furthermore of exceptional value that we have been supported by so many renowned and amazing professionals who will be able to share their knowledge of the instrument and performing with all pupils. In a lovely environment you will build your piano skills and make friends through music, which helps to stimulate a general practice routine and passion for music.


Due to limited places, all interested pianists will be required to send a video recording together with the Online Registration Form. Places will be allocated after a selection based on the video recordings. Confirmation emails will be sent after that and full payment is required in due course.

1. Visit and submit the Online Registration Form before 10 October 2019;
2. Send your video recording to before 10 October 2019;
3. A confirmation email will be sent if a place is successfully allocated before 15 October 2019;
4. Finish the payment on time to secure the place.

A UNIQUE opportunity
Ready to be AMAZED


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Enhui Music is proud to bring this Young Pianist Course and has the honor to be supported by world renowned professors, educators and musicians. We will keep on bringing the best to our high quality music education and pass on the love of music.